Like other responsible companies, we also have a privacy policy in place. This enables everyone to remain secure. 

The Privacy Policy encompasses the data practices of Xpertspedia, our claimed and worked websites, apps, and other properties. Our Privacy Policy describes how Xpertspedia collects, uses, discloses, and manages data on the platforms as mentioned earlier. 

Go through this Privacy Policy in order to understand our approach towards the collection and usage of your personal data. Our Privacy Policy lists out stuff such as how we collect data, data sharing, and security, and how we connect to you. 

How do we collect data?

Data you provide

We gather your personal info when you contact us and speak to us or our administrations’ clients and companies that promote with us. 

Also, the data provided by you online, via an app, or call is also collected by us. 

Data from various sources

We also collect individual or non-individual data about you from outsiders that use our advancements and add it to the data we have collected. We may also gather from outsiders to create demographic and interest-based profiles. 

How do we share and secure your data

Collected data may be shared with outsiders in compliance with certain terms and conditions, based on the circumstances. In case you decide to contact any organization which publicizes with us, over call, or online, then we may share non-sensitive factually identifiable data with the promoter. This may include data which may help the promoters in getting in touch with you, such as device identifiers, click rates, etc. 

We are dedicated to keeping your identifiable data secure in our true ownership. 

 How do we connect to you?

Xpertspedia may connect to you in a wide array of ways. The popular mediums we use to speak with you are emails and calls. 


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